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Waterproof circle

by:ORK      2020-07-02
So-called waterproof laps, simply put is a small section of circular sealing element, the design of section are usually round. In hydraulic engineering, it was the most commonly use most is also a kind of seal. So in the choose and buy when need to know what points? Here are the small make up to introduce in detail. First, waterproof lap of choose and buy, we need to consider whether the seals have impact load effect in sealing parts, it is very important, I hope you remember. Second, before buying, but also need to know the working medium is a gas or liquid, and need to consider whether waterproof circle of physical and chemical properties can meet the standards. Third, waterproof ring made of different materials, the use of temperature is a very big difference, so you also need to know the working temperature is in accordance with the requirements. So-called working temperature includes appear instantaneous temperature also include the temperature of the hot and cold appear alternately. Only meet the requirement of the working temperature of the waterproof ring to use to perform its maximum performance. Fourth, different types of waterproof coil, the working condition is also a big difference, some suitable for static seal, some more suitable for dynamic seal, of course, can play a better sliding sealing effect. We need according to the actual needs, choose appropriate oneself use. Fifth, in order to be able to buy high quality waterproof laps, you also need to know the price and the packing element material sources, namely must make sure the waterproof ring is formal professional manufacturers. Only use this manufacturer to provide waterproof laps, just can let it play a biggest role, its sealing function can better. Above all, waterproof lap of choose and buy, you must be able to firmly grasp these points above, that is to say, for every performance characteristics of waterproof circle clear enough to understand, to buy cost-effective seal. You must understand, manufacturers can only make the quality of the waterproof ring is assured. If you need a custom rubber seals seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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