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What are the factors that affect the application effect of fluororubber O-rings?

by:ORK      2022-11-09
What are the factors that affect the application effect of fluororubber O ring manufactures? 1. Insufficient accuracy Insufficient accuracy jeopardizes the practical application of fluororubber O ring manufactures. One is the lack of precision of industrial equipment, resulting in poor sealing effect, such as pump shafts, couplings and other components have poor precision, resulting in inseparable matching of sealing rings. In addition, the quality of the fluororubber O-ring itself is substandard, resulting in reduced sealing properties. 2. The vibration is slightly larger If the vibration of the fluororubber O-ring is slightly larger, the sealing characteristics will be invalid. In many cases, the reason for the slightly larger vibration is due to the unreasonable design of the mechanical equipment or the long-term operating friction of the mechanical equipment. 3. The pump shaft has a large radial channeling amount. If the fluororubber O-ring has sealing properties, its protruding surface must have a specific pressure. If the pump shaft has a large amount of operation, it will damage the size of the specific pressure. The practical effect of the specific application resulting in the seal is reduced. In addition, the damage of the axial force of the pump to the hydraulic seal is relatively large. In many cases, due to the poor performance of the axial force balance mechanism of the pump in the scheme design, the manufacturing and the production process are not timely, so the axial force of the pump is not sufficient. Balanced, resulting in the deformation of the Gao Wenhua fluororubber O-ring, which promotes the actual effect.
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