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What are the methods of pressing the rubber O-ring?

by:ORK      2022-11-07
What are the methods of pressing the rubber seals O-ring? O-ring edge pressing method: 1. Press the edge manually. The operator holds the knife and gradually repairs the overflow edge along the edge of the product. This is the most primitive way. .Quality is difficult to guarantee, especially for O ring manufactures with small specifications and high precision requirements. It is clean and can easily damage the connection between the product itself and the overflow edge. Usually tooth marks are left. Void, leaving oil leakage. Sequelae problems that affect the seal, such as air leakage. in addition. The dependence of manual edge pressing on the mastery of the operation is also very prominent. 2. Mechanical edge pressing. In order to ensure efficiency and quality, mechanical edge blanking appeared. Dedicated electric trimmers with rotating cutting edges are more common. The blade used should closely match the product specification. If the inside of the goods has overflow edges. It can be designed as double-edged. Multi-blade. One-time completion. The dimensional accuracy of mechanical blanking exceeds that of manual blanking, and the efficiency is doubled. Especially for a simulated product, matching tools can be designed according to the order and distribution of the product. After the goods are demolded. The entire version can be cut in one go. With the cooperation of heating, dozens of them can be repaired at a time. The key is to grasp the cutting temperature and avoid sticking after being too high. 3. Freeze pressing. The vulcanized product is connected to the waste edge and removed in a refrigerated environment. . For decades, with the selection and replacement of freezing medium and the improvement of its mechanical action, the freezing press has also undergone several generations of improvements, becoming more mature and optimized, and the work efficiency and processing quality have been significantly improved.
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