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by:ORK      2020-07-28
Nitrile rubber seals seal products overview: we focus on production and wholesale, with the method of direct manufacturers, save intermediate link, quality assurance, let more companies use cost-effective nitrile rubber sealing ring, can be customized according to the buyer need production. In addition to the production of nitrile rubber sealing ring and sealing strip type O sealing ring rubber seals auto parts article filter foam seal and other rubber products. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Nitrile rubber sealing ring in detail: nitrile rubber sealing ring composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymer, acrylonitrile content by 18% 50%, the higher the acrylonitrile content, the petrochemical oil hydrocarbon fuel oil resistance of the better, but the low temperature performance is poor, the general use temperature range for the 25 to below zero 100℃。 Nitrile rubber for the oil seal and one of the most commonly used rubber o-rings advantages: good oil resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and resistance characteristics of the high pressure oil. Material: Nitrile rubber seals sealing ring Buna N, Nitrile, NBR alias: waterproof and oil resistant oil circle circle seal products hardness ( 海岸) : 30 - 95 product color: can be formulated for tensile range ( P。 年代。 I) : 200 - 2000 elongation ( Max。 %) : 600 compression slanting: less than or equal to 25% of elasticity, good wear resistance, excellent tear strength, good solvent resistance: good oil resistance, good low temperature ( ° C) :- 25° High temperature ( ° C) :100度; Ageing resistance: bad commonly used hardness: 50 - 90 shore A factory is introduced: our factory mainly produce nitrile rubber seal products, our company has A complete and scientific quality management system. Our company philosophy is based on customer focus, adhere to create maximum value for customers, in order to improve quality, reduce product cost, set up various quality management system and process, the specification of the quality system standards as a daily work. Company through & other; Cost reduction by management, seek development by the benefit. To serve the market & throughout; The management idea, in line with & other; Good faith cooperation, and seek common development & throughout; Good intentions, seriously not a customer.
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