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Sealing ring radial circle what are the advantages compared with the o-rings? - - - - - - Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-08-06
Sealing RING radial RING is one of the four lip shape gasket, because of its section shape is very similar to X, so also known as X RING seal, English named X RING. Compared with the o-rings, star ring had the very big enhancement in the performance, can say is type O sealing ring star circle improved version, can prevent the reverse in the groove, most can replace o-rings. So X type sealing ring star specific what are the advantages? 1, in the process of reciprocating motion, the star ring not spiral torsion injuries. 2, X type sealing ring, star ring due to the formation of the radial compression small, so small contact pressure and friction force is small, it is not easy to cause clearance bites, reduce the power loss of the moving parts. 3, due to the contact pressure evenly, and so are X ring seal leakage is small. 4, sealing ring star ring due to the mold parting surface between the two lips, so flash will not affect the sealing function. 5, compared with the o-rings, because X ring seal between the sealing lip form lubrication vessel, has a small friction resistance, the starting resistance. 6, because the sealing ring of flash location in the cross section in the star sunken place, so the sealing effect is good. 7, X type sealing ring, star circle section is four sealing lip, for non circular cross section, and avoid from rolling when reciprocating motion. 18 years seal manufacturer to provide one-stop service processing customized various color and shape of the structure of the star X times, strictly carry out ISO9001, IATF16949 process quality management system standards, through the ERP system and the original DPS lean management system, all orders are full traceability tracking can be realized.
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