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by:ORK      2020-08-06
The role of the sealing ring is mainly seal, it also has a lot of sealing medium, mainly oil is given priority to, it plays in the application of the effect of dust and oil separation, seal performance is good or bad a direct impact on the stand or fall of other equipment performance, and decided to seal performance of the first is the material of it. So how to choose the material of seal ring? It and what factors, seals manufacturer detailed introduce to everyone today. 1, mechanical movement speed. Seal material the ability to adapt to mechanical movement speed is different, some of the common material, can't adapt to the high-speed mechanical operation, therefore, sealing ring material when the choice, should choose some high-end, so you can use high speed running. 2, pressure. Seal material for work pressure is also very sensitive, material is qualitative different, they are able to withstand the pressure is different, if the medium is oil, it is the pressure is smaller, if pressure more than the material, then it makes the service life of the sealing ring is reduced, the everyone can choose under the seal manufacturer's advice. 3, medium compatibility. For the sealing ring has a very important role in the choice of materials, some will seal material and medium directly in contact, if both compatibility is not good, is bound to cause pollution of the sealing ring is damaged or to medium. In addition, the seal material can not be introduced corrosion, also can't and medium produces chemical reaction, which is seal manufacturer special remind you. When choosing sealing ring material, in addition to pay attention to the speed, pressure, medium compatibility, but also pay attention to the temperature. Temperature also have certain influence to the material of sealing ring, the temperature is too high or too low is not enough, too, can make the tensile strength and hardness of the sealing ring is reduced, the temperature is too low, can make sealing ring is very fragile. Each kind of seal material has a suitable temperature range, this also should pay attention to. Therefore, when choosing sealing ring material, must make a comprehensive consideration, if you choose more difficult, consult seal manufacturers.
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