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What are the advantages of silicone rubber seals?

by:ORK      2022-10-19
What are the advantages of silicone rubber seals? Silicone is a highly elastic material with a long service life because it can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Silicone rubber sealing rings and silicone rubber sealing strips are generally used for gaskets. Sealing. Thermal insulation boards. Various applications such as upholstery and insulation. Advantages offered by silicone rubber seals: 1. Features in a very wide temperature range 2. Good tensile strength 3. Flexibility 4. Reduced deformation resistance 5. Essentially good electrical insulation 6. Better resistance to harsh Environment, such as ultraviolet, moisture, ozone and pollutants, silicone products are used in many industries. Due to their own characteristics, they are favored by users, but some people find that their appearance will be bad, which requires us to understand the specific Maintenance work to prevent certain problems, so we must pay attention. 1. Commodity numbness. According to the manufacturer of silicone rubber seals seals, there are many reasons for the numbness of silicone rubber products, and maintenance is mainly done by controlling the soft mold and exhaust. If the stains on the product are not good, the repair method for the surface stains of the silicone product is: first look at the surface stains, if the surface stains are very light and small, then gently polish with fine sandpaper; if the stains are deep or large, first dig with a knife head In the stained area, pay attention to the tip of the knife and dig the wound neatly. 2. The product package is not good. Choose some silicone products that are unfamiliar or cannot be pressed against the white spot. If the part of the mold is immature due to the low temperature of the mold, you can scrape the immature glue, and then put it into the mold to fill with sulfur. For the white spots formed by improper exhaust, first press by hand, which can generally be pressed, but cannot be directly put into the mold to charge sulfur. 3. The product has bad dark marks. According to the silicone rubber seals sealing ring manufacturer, the dark marks of silicone rubber products have not been repaired, and the appearance of dark marks can only be prevented. If the product lacks glue, you can only choose mildly lacking materials. If you add some raw glue to the glue-deficient area, it must not be too much, just uneven or less. Scrape off the filled raw rubber with a cutter head, and then put it into the forming mold to fill with sulfur. Note that the pressurized repair must be a machine in the lifting mode, and the rail machine will crush the product when the mold is clamped.
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