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What is the reason for the deformation of the vulcanized rubber o-ring?

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Vulcanized rubber seals o-ring is the most common rubber and plastic product, it is widely used, the production process is also very simple, and many materials are used. Most of the damage of the o-ring is not due to the arrangement of the vulcanized rubber o-ring or the working pressure. If the excellent arrangement only increases the working pressure unilaterally, it is not easy to cause the damage of the o-ring seal. The reason is because of the permanent deformation of the O-ring seal under the ultra-high pressure of the office environment and its bite when it is squeezed into the gap. Vulcanized rubber o-ring is a typical sealing effect caused by deformation caused by extrusion molding. When installing, it causes contact pressure with the raised surface. When the working pressure exceeds the working pressure of the sealing material, the sealing effect is lower than that of the sealing material. leakage occurs. So what are the causes of permanent deformation of vulcanized rubber ? 1. Shrinking and pulling are indispensable elements. Because the secret recipe of the vulcanized rubber o-ring plastic pellets is different, the shrinkage and stretch of the vulcanized rubber o-ring produced by different companies are also different. Under the condition of long-term shrinkage, the commodity can cause the imagination of shrinking stress relaxation. This situation will gradually expand with time. The longer the time is, the smaller the shrinkage and tension will be, making it less ductile The most immediate way to change the leakage situation is to increase the cross-sectional specification of the product, but it will also cause the expansion of the type of product structure. 2. Temperature is a very important factor. Temperature is the key to the relaxation of vulcanized rubber O ring manufactures. No matter which vulcanized rubber material is, it will accelerate its embrittlement rate at high temperature. When the temperature in the natural environment is higher, the deformation of the gas shrinkage will be greater. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the O-ring will gradually lose its ductile working ability, resulting in leakage. For example, when the vulcanized rubber seals O-ring is installed, there will be original ground stress, which will gradually subside due to the long-term relaxation of the sealing ring and the gradual decrease in temperature. In some cases, the temperature will increase significantly. It decreases and subsides. Even if the elastomer material is cold-resistant, it is not easy to exceed 25% of the in-situ stress caused by 20 degrees. Therefore, when installing the vulcanized rubber O-ring, the original in-situ stress should be set, taking into account the office environment. element of temperature in . 3. Material pressure is the culprit of permanent deformation of vulcanized rubber O-rings. Compared with the two elements mentioned above, the working pressure of the material is more harmful to the deformation of the vulcanized rubber seals O-ring, and it is the most common situation that causes the deformation of the vulcanized rubber O-ring in all loads. , The working pressure of the hydraulic press material is increasing, and the vulcanized rubber O-ring will cause permanent deformation of the O-ring in such a high-pressure working environment for a long time. This kind of deformation is not reversible, so for different pressures Different materials are used, and the elastomer material for the relative pressure test is selected. In order to solve the relatively high pressure, the hardness of the sealing ring of the pressure test raw material will also increase accordingly. For vulcanized rubber O ring manufactures, the deformation means the loss of sealing performance. Although it does not seem to be a big problem, it often causes leakage of the hydraulic transmission system. In severe cases, it may even cause common equipment failures, resulting in assets and even personal safety and injury. . How should people deal with the deformation of the o-ring? ?First of all, the selection of vulcanized rubber must be done well. Its frictional resistance must be low, and the lubricating must be timely. This means that the surface must be smooth, not smooth and dirty. In the whole process of installation, it is necessary to ensure the same axis of installation, and the axial force must not be too large. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the rationalization of the sealing system software, and there must be no excessive specification deviation.
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