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How about Ruichen Sealing logistics distribution system?
Ruichen Sealing Co., Ltd. takes pride in our highly efficient logistics distribution system. Distribution logistics involve a wide range of activities including procurement, transportation, storage, loading, unloading, package, and logistics information disposal. Throughout the whole process, human labor plays an extremely important role. For example, when procuring raw materials and parts, our purchasing buyer takes the responsibilities of ensuring the materials delivered to our manufacturing plant on time except for ensuring the quality of the materials. With a successful logistics distribution system, we can guarantee the cargo will be delivered to customers safely and efficiently.

Ruichen Sealing has made a lot of achievements in developing and manufacturing x ring seals. We have achieved much praise from competitors. The u ring series has become a hot product of Ruichen Sealing. The choice of the materials for ORK rubber seals and gaskets is rigorous. It takes factors such as screen gain, color shift and sound loss into consideration. It has the ability to fill the minute irregularities. It offers good thermal comfort. It helps the body temperature decrease in several degrees by dissipating the amount of heat the body generates, thus helping a quality sleep. It adheres to the regulations of well-known sealing standards including DIN3770 / DIN3771, ISO3601, AS568, and BS4518.

Humility is the most obvious characteristic of our company. We encourage employees to respect others when in disagreement and learn from constructive criticism put up by customers or teammates humbly. Doing this alone can help us grow rapidly.
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