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Skeleton seal application problems appeared in the process of how to do?

by:ORK      2020-08-03
Skeleton skeleton seal is sealed goods in one of the most easy application, generally used to separate the parts and raw materials such as oil grease, avoid raw oil etching parts etc. Therefore, the skeleton seal airtight sex very seriously, that is bare. Once appear, be sure to deal with this problem immediately, otherwise the goods will have no practical significance. So how to do can avoid the skeleton seal leak? Simple, leak will typically have three reason: quality is not very good, the assembly line is not very good, and storage is not very good. Let take guys to discuss how to prevent this kind of problem. 1, the quality is not very good difficult problem how to deal with: poor skeleton seal skirt, poor quality, play Huang Taisong or invalid, the axial pressure is too small, lead to the early leak. Should immediately remove the skirt burrs or faults system vulnerabilities, adjusting or changing oil seal spring; Damage of skirt, the skirt become soft, swelling or YingDeHua, cracking, etc. , skeleton seal and working poor in material intermiscibility, choose a suitable raw material based on skeleton seal in the skeleton of substance or on the basis of work suitable for sealing materials. 2, the assembly line is not very good difficult problem how to deal with: the assembly line, skeleton seal according to the health bath or external thread, scrape skirt; After skeleton seal improper installation, show the butterfly shape deformation, assembly line force is too large, or low smoothness skeleton seal lips rotate or in yellow, the assembly line, surface coating plant oil too much will cause leakage. Design scheme of installing special tools, sanding polishing and water bearing end cover fillet, coating plant oils should be careful again after changing a skeleton seal after installation; When installing a skeleton seal skeleton of the key issues is to prevent lead to the destruction of seal, besides a suitable smoothness, safety fillet, remove burrs, also have a moderate amount of special tools, how to deal with in the middle of the installation skeleton dust fall to the sealing surface, when installed, such as piston rod sealing after implantation how moderate to prevent against the skeleton seal, cleaning of hydraulic press, etc. 3, store is not very good difficult problem how to deal with: skeleton seal store room temperature is best in 30 degrees Celsius the following; Prevent skeleton seal causing high temperature embrittlement; Skeleton seal must be stored in sealing packaging, to prevent dust and moisture in the gas or touch; Skeleton skeleton seal must bypass the strong light point-blank, prevent seal gas in three oxygen corrosion or embrittlement in advance. Among three kinds of problems, skeleton seal will also have the problem of wrong operation, the problem generally is full of bad consumer actual operation, if in application to the producer asked before application key points. As a crucial commodity in sealing level, to know how to clear up problems obviously is very critical, but in the past, you know a choice goods more critical. Rubber seal products according to customer demand design suitable products, ordering hotline: url: /
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