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How long is the warranty period of rubber seal grommet ?
The warranty period of the rubber seal is run from the day of the order to obtain a certain period of time. If a malfunction occurs during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it for free. For warranty repairs, please contact our customer service department for specific measures. We will try our best to solve your problem.

Ruichen Sealing Co., Ltd. is an ever-growing Chinese company that specializes in designing and manufacturing rubber grommet sizes. We are known for our expertise and experience. The u ring series has become a hot product of Ruichen Sealing. ORK x ring seals is produced resorting to sophisticated manufacturing techs. They are mainly 2D/3D design tools, CAD technology, CAM tech, and Gait balance analysis tech. It comes with material options such as EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR, etc. It adds uniqueness to my project and it helps improve the appearance of buildings. - One of our buyers say. Its color can be customized as needed.

We have laid down a customer service objective. We will add more staff to the customer service team to provide timely response and improve resolution times to customer complaints to a minimum of one business day.
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